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About Us

Who We Are

The Armed Services YMCA is the constant in a military family’s life: on the home front and during deployment, when transitioning between bases, and in times of conflict and peace.

The Armed Services YMCA is an Association of the YMCA of the USA, specifically dedicated to serving active duty military service members and their families of all six armed services: Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, and Coast Guard. The oldest military support organization in the U.S., the Armed Services YMCA has been “Strengthening Our Military Family®” since 1861 through its 12 branches and 24 affiliate partners, serving 87 military installations and facilities nationwide. Our nationally and locally tailored programs and services for our nation’s troops and their families are offered at no or low cost and require no dues or membership fees.

The Armed Services YMCA Camp Pendleton has served the military community for the past 80 years, providing services for military members and their families that increase their quality of life, strengthen family bonds, and reduce the stresses of military life. We accomplish this by providing a number of dynamic programs and events that focus on educational, emotional, and financial support. The Armed Services YMCA is committed to promoting its goal of strengthening military families.


Physical and mental health are critical for Camp Pendleton military families, which is why we offer a variety of programs for the whole self and the whole family.

Health and wellness services include:

  • Recreation and Morale Boosting Opportunities
  • Active Day Camps for Military Children
  • Youth Resiliency Programs
  • And more!

Children are the heart of our organization because they are the ones who often sacrifice the most. We are honored to provide programs that educate, engage, and entertain children of all ages.

Youth development programs include:

  • Early Education Programs
  • Summer Camps
  • Parent/Child Interactive Opportunities
  • And more!

Mission readiness is as much of a mindset as it is a tactical operation. It’s critical that service members know the home front is safe and sound when they deploy for duty.

Social Responsibility initiatives include:

  • Emergency Food Relief for Military Families
  • Holiday Travel Assistance for Military Families
  • Volunteer Programs
  • And more!

Our Team

Our Team is a passionate and dedicated group of individuals committed to making a positive impact in the community.

Samantha Holt

Executive Director

Shela Bularan

Business Manager

Audrey Rogal

Director of Donor Relations

Esmeralda Carranza

Director of Services

Brittany Marquis

Director of Youth Programs

Denise Solis

Director of Events and Community Relations

Dolly Nave-Quintana

Office Manager

Board of Management

Our Board of Management is a talented group of individuals who dedicate their time, talent, and treasure!

  • Chairman: Ralph Sanchez
  • Vice Chairman: Todd Kern
  • Treasurer: Jeff Trotter
  • Secretary: Liz Rhea
  • Parliamentarian: Bev Mason
  • Governance Committee Chair: Forrest Smith
  • Finance Committee Chair: Steve Browne
  • Martine Blair
  • Alice Brewer
  • Kevin Brewer
  • Peter Burggren
  • Corrine Busta
  • Carl Henderson
  • Kevin Muldoon
  • Clifford Myers
  • Mark Wernig
  • Steve Wolfe
  • Michael Gleason
  • George Young
  • Renee Woodworth


The Armed Services YMCA Camp Pendleton provides free or low-cost programs and services for military children, spouses, and the family unit to help ease the unique challenges of military life. This is how we strengthen our military families.

Our Annual Mission Impact for 2022:


Individuals served in 2022


Pounds of food distributed


Emergency aid provided

News, Info, & Stories

Our mission is hard at work. Connect with us to see how our local and national programs and services are making a difference in the lives of young military families, or find informative contributions from military spouses across the country.

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We Take Accountability Seriously

The Armed Services YMCA is proud of our fiscal responsibility and the designation as a top- rated charity. Our consistently outstanding results are based on all aspects that determine the value of a nonprofit: fundraising expenses, administration, transparency of finances, good governance practices, and other leading benchmarks.

The Armed Services YMCA prides itself on using our generous donor contributions wisely and sharing how donations are strengthening our military family through quality programs and services.

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