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Emergency Assistance

Food and Emergency Assistance for Military Families

We no longer live in a world that provides the basics on a single income. Yet military spouses experience an unemployment rate of 22%—one of the highest in the country and rising—with an additional 32% of spouses under-employed. It’s just one of the many unique challenges that come with the frequent moves and unpredictability inherent to military life. This places extraordinary financial stressors on young service members and their families and often creates food insecurity and difficulty meeting the basic needs of their families.

The Armed Services YMCA Camp Pendleton works to combat this issue in the community we serve through our Temporary Emergency Assistance Program. Pendleton Pantry, and monthly food and diaper distributions.

These critical programs help military families worry less about weathering a crisis, enabling them to focus on mission readiness.

Pendleton Pantry

Located in our Admin office at 200090 Ash Road, Wire Mountain Road, the Pendleton Pantry ensures military families have everything they need to makes ends meet and have homes running smoothly.

Hours: Monday and Wednesday 11:00AM-2:00PM

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Neighborhood Exchange Food Distribution

The Neighborhood Exchange is a monthly food and diaper distribution. We partner with Jewish Family Service and San Diego Food Bank to offer free food and diapers, as well as resources and other helpful goods and services provided free of charge by community partners. Food selections range from fresh fruits and vegetables to meats, canned goods, and dried foods. Distribution events take place on the fourth Friday of each month. Registration opens the Monday before the event.

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Temporary Emergency Assistance Program

The Temporary Emergency Assistance Program (TEAP) provides short-term emergency financial support with food and gas gift cards to respond to emergency situations. This support is normally provided for up to two months and is accessed by referral.

Referral can be requested through Exceptional Family Member Program, Family Advocacy Program, New Parent Support, or Command. For more information about the referral process, please email us.

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